Playing the Long Game: A Medical Student’s Appreciation of Endurance Athletics

Written by Caleb Knight '20 Hobbling across the finish line of the 2015 Lake Tahoe Ironman triathlon, I was content with the thought of never competing in another one. It was certainly a momentous occasion—my first official race of any kind, the product of months of training, a grueling eleven hours on one of the sport’s toughest courses, with my friends and family cheering for me throughout.

What Color is the Sky? Remarks from Dr. Mandell at the 2016 White Coat Ceremony

Written by Fred Mandell, M.D.'64 When we leave a place like the College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, and look back as alumni, we become keenly aware of the “one of a kind” education we have received. Beyond the tools to practice medicine is what I call “the way.” The way our mentors taught us to listen, to perceive, to think beyond the algorithm.