Bearing Witness to the Patient Experience

Flora LiuWritten by Flora Liu '21
During the past year, I have been a student in the Larner College of Medicine’s Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship at Central Vermont Medical Center. This gave me the opportunity to follow multiple patients through their illnesses and their journeys, getting to know them over the course of time. Some patients recovered quickly; others had multiple complications and took many months before they felt better. One patient in particular I will always remember. Read more

Living with a Fallible Body: A Chronically Ill and Disabled Medical Student Guide

Emerson WheelerWritten by Emerson Wheeler '22, co-founder, Alliance of Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses in Medicine (ADACIM).
I’m embarrassed to be sick.

I’m not supposed to be.

As a future physician, I’m supposed to be a monolith without flaws, without a need for sleep or food. I’m supposed to have an inexhaustible capacity to help others.

Right? Read more…