Open Heart Surgery in Rwanda: Joining Team Heart

Written by Andrea Steely, M.D.'12
Growing up in southern California with two parents in the movie industry, I never imagined I would one day become a cardiac surgeon.  I grew up drawing and painting—always being creative.  In fact, I had planned to become an artist until science caught my interest in high school. I loved the idea of thinking up a question, doing some research, and coming up with a way to try and answer that question.

Patient Stories, Long-Term Relationships at Hudson Headwaters Health Network

Written by Collin York '20 and Izzy Kratzer '20
Four third-year students at the Larner College of Medicine are completing the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship at Hudson Headwaters Health Network. With primary care physicians as preceptors, and a primary care health center as a home base, each student becomes a key member of an interdisciplinary team providing comprehensive care to patients. Students progressively develop a panel of patients to satisfy all required clinical encounters for the clerkship level. They get to know their patients well over the course of the 12 month-long experience. Here, two students reflect on their time at HHHN.