A Day in the Life of a Fourth Year Medical Student: The Road to Match Day

Written by Laurie Griesinger ’17
Laurie Griesinger ’17, a native of South Bend, Indiana, hit the residency interview trail this year, with her sights set on a residency in pathology. Like thousands of her peers, she has interviewed in locations across the country in the months leading up to Match Day on March 17. No two journeys are alike, however. . In the Q&A that follows, Griesinger shares some of the things she learned about herself, as well as some practical advice about parking garages and what to make sure to have in your purse, all gleaned during her months of travel and interviewing. Continue reading


The Whirlwind of Fourth Year: Lessons Learned After a Successful Match

Written by Yun-Yun K. Chen ’16
On March 18, I opened my green envelope in front of cheering classmates and friends at the UVM College of Medicine Match Day celebration, and found out where I am headed for the next step in my medical training. First up is Baltimore for a preliminary medicine year, and then Brigham and Women’s Hospital for anesthesiology. I couldn’t be happier! Having just survived the months of studying, preparation and travel that went into that moment I found out my match, this is a perfect time for new fourth-year medical students to pick our brains. Continue reading


The Whirlwind of Fourth Year: Matching in Emergency Medicine

Written by Matthew Jordan ’16
The fourth year of medical school is amazingly terrifying. By the time you begin the senior year of medical school, which happens here at the University of Vermont at little earlier than most med schools thanks to the Vermont Integrated Curriculum (VIC), it is time to make the decision on what you plan to do for the rest of your medical career. Some people know what they want to do long before this time. Others, like me, had it narrowed down to a specialty or two in the middle of third year and made the choice soon after. Continue reading

Guest Blog Posts

On the Road to Match Day: Reflections from a College of Medicine Alum

Written by George “Bud” Vana, M.D.’14
As I reflect on my own Match Day nearly two years ago, I am reminded of all of the different transitions I have experienced since that time. My two years as a triple boarder (a combined residency involving pediatrics, adult psychiatry and child psychiatry) at Brown University have gone well, but there have also been significant challenges and changes. Continue reading


On the Road to Match Day: Choosing General Surgery

Written by Kelsey Preston ’16
Despite the exhilaration that comes with the fourth year of medical school – your future career is in sight! – there are still some very real stress-causing moments. Step 2 Clinical Skills and Clinical Knowledge, though less stressful than Step 1, still exist. For some, deciding what specialty to apply to is a huge part of your fourth year. Submitting to ERAS and waiting for interview invites is a terrifying experience. And then of course, there’s the interview trail, a beast all its own. Continue reading