A Place of Gratitude: Professionalism at the Larner College of Medicine

Written by Gordon White
I recently had the honor of sitting on the Dean’s Professionalism Statement Task Force. I am not sure what prompted me to apply, but I was genuinely excited about being selected. At our first meeting, Dean Page made it clear to us that this statement was incredibly important. He and Dr. Leonard had selected a diverse group of faculty, staff, students, and residents to comprise the task force.

The Journey to Professionalism: In Service to Community

Written by James Ulager, M.D.
I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in Dean Page’s task force to draft a professionalism statement for the Larner College of Medicine. As is often the case, the most rewarding part of this group was the chance to work alongside truly outstanding colleagues, staff, residents, and students. It was also a wonderful opportunity to pause and consider for a moment the goal we call professionalism.

Building a Community through Professionalism at the Larner College of Medicine

Written by UVM Larner College of Medicine Professor & Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Debra G.B. Leonard, M.D., Ph.D.
When our new Dean, Dr. Rick Page, arrived in October 2018, he pledged to listen and learn. But one thing needed to be done immediately: He wanted the Larner College of Medicine to develop a Professionalism Statement that would be featured in every offer and acceptance letter, ensuring everyone was aware of the expectations and aspirations for creating a welcoming and supportive environment in which to work and learn. Read more...

The Power of Being Present

Written by Rosie Friedman '22
Mr. B wore an oversized shirt that read “Dad knows a lot but Grandpa knows everything.”  When I first sat down across from him, he began telling me about his cancer. He bluntly described his situation without any sugar-coating in an “I’ve got a few weeks left until I kick the bucket” kind of way. In the middle of his story, he paused and asked me what he was supposed to be talking about in our hour together.