A Day in the Life of a Fourth Year Medical Student: The Road to Match Day

Written by Laurie Griesinger '17
Laurie Griesinger ’17, a native of South Bend, Indiana, hit the residency interview trail this year, with her sights set on a residency in pathology. Like thousands of her peers, she has interviewed in locations across the country in the months leading up to Match Day on March 17. No two journeys are alike, however. . In the Q&A that follows, Griesinger shares some of the things she learned about herself, as well as some practical advice about parking garages and what to make sure to have in your purse, all gleaned during her months of travel and interviewing.

Studying Pathology in Uganda

Written by Ian McDaniels '16 I arrived in Kampala, Uganda, at 11 p.m. last Tuesday night after departing from Hanover, N.H., at 6:30 a.m. on Monday. It’s amazing how a few hours in time difference and multiple layovers will evaporate days. My travels were smooth, except for trying to navigate the NYC subway system with two massive suitcases, as well as two smaller bags. After the embarrassing and frustrating experience of getting stuck in a malicious turnstile (whose grasp I required assistance freeing myself from), I gave up and took a taxi to the airport.