“Big Sibs” Offer Camaraderie and Support

Written by Emily Vayda '20
As a first-year student at the Larner College of Medicine, I found comfort in knowing that I could reach out to someone in the class above me with questions about anything, even small things, thanks to a program called Big Sib/Little Sib. I had been living in Burlington for the previous four years, but the transition to medical school came with challenges that I did not expect.

Stoking Students’ Curiosity in Medicine and Healthcare

Written by Arjun Patel '20, Megan Kawasaki '20
& Michael Nilo '20

The Med Mentors Career Exploration Day, an annual spring event at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, gives local high school students the opportunity to “try out” health care careers through hands-on experiences with medical students and professionals. This year’s event on April 1 was attended by students from a variety of local schools.

Mentors, Sponsors, and their Place in Academic Medicine

Written by Larner Endowed Professor of Medical Education Kathryn Huggett, Ph.D. Mentoring programs are now a fixture in many workplaces, including academic medicine. The increased number and visibility of programs has helped to raise awareness of the need to provide support for faculty throughout their career. Decades of professional career development efforts have not, however, increased the proportion of women and minorities in executive positions in medical schools and NCI-designated cancer centers.

From High School to Med School: Serving as a Med Mentor

Written by Kristen Bartlett '19 I’ve always had a passion for teaching. Though in terms of career path I chose a somewhat indirect application of this interest, I feel that education is inherent in the role that a physician plays in his or her patients’ lives. Over the years, I’ve held various mentorship positions and teaching roles in hopes of relaying at least some portion of the incredible wisdom and guidance that I have received throughout my life from those who have served as role models and mentors for me. Thus, when perusing the College of Medicine list of Student Interest Group offerings, the Med Mentors Student Interest Group immediately jumped out at me.

Celebrating the Diversity of Medical Students: The 2018 Class Historian

Written by Eric Schmidt '18 I would consider myself a social butterfly; I love attending a wide variety of school and extracurricular functions. I also enjoy documenting and reflecting on my own experiences through journaling and creating computer photo albums. So when I started my first year at the University of Vermont College of Medicine and learned more about the class historian position, I felt like I had found the perfect outlet for my creativity and passion.