A Day in the Life of a Fourth Year Medical Student: The Road to Match Day

Written by Laurie Griesinger ’17
Laurie Griesinger ’17, a native of South Bend, Indiana, hit the residency interview trail this year, with her sights set on a residency in pathology. Like thousands of her peers, she has interviewed in locations across the country in the months leading up to Match Day on March 17. No two journeys are alike, however. . In the Q&A that follows, Griesinger shares some of the things she learned about herself, as well as some practical advice about parking garages and what to make sure to have in your purse, all gleaned during her months of travel and interviewing. Continue reading


A Day in the Life of a Fourth Year Medical Student: A focus on LGBT-inclusive Education

Written by Nicholas Bonenfant ’17
All fourth year students at the UVM Larner College of Medicine are required to complete either a teaching month or a scholarly project, both to reinforce foundational sciences and to encourage the development of students as physician-scholars. For this scholarly project, Nicholas Bonenfant ’17 has been working with Michael Upton, M.D., assistant professor of psychiatry, to develop a series of educational eModules and presentations on topics related to LGBTQ health issues. He will be matching into pediatrics on Match Day, March 17. Read more in a Q & A with Bonenfant. Continue reading

Global Health

Cui Bono? Who Will Benefit?

Written by Katherine Wang ’17
It was the combination of Grey’s Anatomy and Mountains Beyond Mountains that convinced me my senior year of high school to consider medicine as a career—the excitement of the operating room and the journey Paul Farmer took through Haiti and beyond. It obviously was an idealized notion of both surgery and global health, but it shaped my undergraduate experience. I chose to major in anthropology, and enrolled in an introductory writing course in the subject after reading about it in Tracy Kidder’s book. Continue reading


A Day in the Life of a Fourth Year Medical Student: Surgery at Walter Reed

Written by Bridget Colgan ’17
As a member of the U.S. Army, Bridget Colgan ’17 has a different match experience than many of her peers. She applied to both the military Joint Service Graduate Medical Education Selection Board (JSGMESB) and the civilian Electronic Residency Application Service, with a goal of matching at a military institution in the specialty of her choice. Although she learned of her match earlier than her peers, she will reveal the location during Match Day here at the Larner College of Medicine on March 17. Read more in a Q&A with Colgan. Continue reading


Partners in Global Growth: Dr. Paul Farmer Visits UVM

Written by Bryce Bludevich ’17
A few weeks ago, on a rainy Vermont afternoon, a man came to Ira Allen chapel to give a talk. He told us this was not going to be a talk about the “four S’s,” the shorthand for an approach he’s developed for his wide-ranging global health work. Instead, he said this was going to be a talk about change. A change in the mindset of those who think about and act on global health issues. The talk became personal for me from the moment it started. I have had the opportunity to travel to Russia and Uganda through the Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine Global Health Program, which has molded my world view and exposed me to the world’s healthcare disparities. Continue reading