To the UVM College of Medicine Class of 2016: What Inspired You to Become a Doctor?

Written by Katia Chavez '16 Many of us in the University of Vermont College of Medicine Class of 2016 probably still vividly remember applying to medical school. Some of us were afraid to attempt to apply one more time; others were uncertain if mastering a high volume of information was possible. Some were anxious about choosing a demanding specialty, as it could potentially change the dynamics of a peaceful family life. However, the dream that initially inspired us to pursue medicine gave us the strength and confidence necessary to apply and succeed in medical school.

Take Care – Caring for Self and Others in 21st Century Medicine

Written by Vito Imbasciani, Ph.D., M.D. '85 O happy day! Congratulations to the Class of 2015 who brought us all here together to celebrate a great milestone in the life of this College, and in the lives of 113 newly certified physicians and MD-PhDs. Tomorrow you launch yourselves into a world sorely in need of your brains, your healing hands and your caring hearts. Few accomplishments in life require so many years of unwavering dedication: if your lives were a map, today would represent the Continental Divide. What happens to you here today you will carry with you forever, like a moveable feast.

A Journey 35 Years in the Making: Learning How to be “Me” as a Physician

Written by Peter Wingfield '15 On the morning of our graduation ceremony for the University of Vermont College of Medicine, I sat on the bench at the bus stop outside the medical center. The sun was shining out of an almost clear blue sky and the flag of the United States of America hung untroubled by even a gentle breeze. How could anyone in my shoes not sit in contemplation of a long journey reaching its conclusion and fail to feel incredibly fortunate?

Guest Blog: The Class of 2014 Commencement Speech

Written by Chelsea Harris '14 Chelsea Harris, Class Speaker for the UVM College of Medicine Class of 2014, addressed the crowd gathered in Ira Allen Chapel for Commencement May 18, 2014. She spoke about all of the help and support her class has received from family, friends, classmates, faculty and staff, the humorous and sometimes moving situations they have encountered, and the hope they have in the future. This blog post is her commencement address in its entirety.