Honoring Our Anatomical Donors through the Convocation of Thanks

Written by Elizabeth McLeod '20
The Larner College of Medicine Class of 2020 recently honored those who have chosen to make the ultimate gift, the gift of anatomical donation, at the annual Convocation of Thanks (COT) ceremony. As a newly minted first year medical student, there was nothing I had anticipated more than learning about the human body first-hand in Gross Anatomy. This course is a revered rite of passage for all medical students.

Reflections On Gratitude: How Do We Thank Our Anatomical Donors?

Written by Elizabeth Carson '18 The first guest to arrive was an elderly man with a cane. He was by himself, and he arrived 45 minutes early. He entered the chapel downstairs, where my fellow singers and I were doing some last-minute polishing of our performance for the annual Convocation of Thanks at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. My classmate, Vic, jumped out of rehearsal mode to welcome the man. She took the elevator upstairs with him and, after helping him find a seat, she returned to where we were singing with a changed look on her face. “That man’s wife was a donor,” she said. “I don’t think I realized how emotional this might be.”