The Compass of Medicine

Written by Fred Mandell, M.D.'64
Each time a choice is made we never know, where it will stop, or what it will create and who the ripple will affect. I would like to tell you a story about choice. Some time ago there was a very famous orchestra rehearsing for a famous concert in a very famous concert hall. The concert was a piano concerto to be played by a most renowned pianist.

Striving to Create Community in Honor of Dr. Larner

Written by Emily Vayda '20
As an alumnus of the University of Vermont, and now a first year student at the Larner College of Medicine, it is easy to see Dr. Robert Larner as an outstanding role model. There is never a day that we do not see the impact that Dr. Larner has on our futures as physicians. During team-based learning, doctoring skills, and the newly developed point of care ultrasound course, we see the direct contributions of Dr. Larner’s generous giving.

Honoring Our Surgical Heritage: The Inaugural Catamount Surgeon Award

Written by UVM Professor of Surgery Frank Ittleman, M.D.
On January 20, 2017, Richard Gamelli, M.D.’74, professor emeritus at Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University Chicago, received the inaugural Catamount Surgeon Award from the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont. The award celebrates Dr. Gamelli’s many important contributions to the field. UVM Professor of Surgery Frank Ittleman, M.D., delivered the following remarks at the awards ceremony.

What Color is the Sky? Remarks from Dr. Mandell at the 2016 White Coat Ceremony

Written by Fred Mandell, M.D.'64 When we leave a place like the College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, and look back as alumni, we become keenly aware of the “one of a kind” education we have received. Beyond the tools to practice medicine is what I call “the way.” The way our mentors taught us to listen, to perceive, to think beyond the algorithm.

Transformation in U.S. Health Care: Be Part of the Change

Written by Omar Khan, M.D.'03 Today’s medical students enter a world full of possibility. It will be informed by the best evidence, not just from medicine but from public health, anthropology, and the social sciences. Our models will be informed by best practices from across the globe. This evolving medical model - available now at a primary care practice near you! - will allow you to do the right thing, get rewarded for doing the most difficult work, and go into the specialty you dreamed of, not the one you felt you had to for your student loans.