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What Really Prepared Me for the Practice of Medicine

Written by Molly Markowitz ’18
I recently found myself in the midst of my first rotation of medical school, outpatient internal medicine. Excited, and honestly a little terrified, would have described my state of mind as my preceptor asked me to see my first patient by myself. As I stood in front of the patient room and prepared to knock, I told myself, “This is it, it’s really happening! All of my hard work over the years was to get to this moment.” Yet, I had a sense that I had done this before. I know now that what had really prepared me most for that moment had not taken place in medical school or even college, but back in my hometown, in Maine. Continue reading


Promoting Powerful Voices through the SPEAK Program

Written by Liam Donnelly ’18
For the past three years, I have volunteered for SPEAK Inc., a Vermont non-profit organization dedicated to promoting powerful voices for traditionally underrepresented individuals, such as incarcerated women and juveniles. Founded by UVM alumna and Schweitzer Fellow for Life, Jessica Bullock, it began as student group at Vermont Law School in the fall of 2014 and continued as an Albert Schweitzer Fellowship project in 2015-2016. Since SPEAK’s inception, the student-run organization has grown into a non- profit organization that teaches debate and public speaking skills around the world. Continue reading

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Witness, Advocate, Exchange, Improve

Written by Ann Dougherty, M.D.’09
On a whiteboard in my office, I have written the words: witness, advocate, exchange and improve. These are my pillars of global health. Witness, don’t rescue. Advocate, for a diversity of backgrounds. Exchange, sustainably and equitably. Improve, building appropriate technology and capacity. These core concepts may seem obvious, but they require training in global health ethics and the realities of on-the-ground work in low-resource settings. Continue reading

Patient Care

UVM Performance Improvement Collaborative: Bridging the Gap in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Education

Written by Samantha Magier ’19
Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States—as rising physicians, we can improve this statistic. In order to effect change as the next generation of healthcare providers, we must be equipped with the necessary resources. This requires us to critically assess the operating procedures that we follow and effectively collaborate with interdisciplinary teams of health professionals to optimize healthcare delivery. Creating opportunities to take such action is the cornerstone of the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont and Jeffords Institute Performance Improvement Collaborative. Continue reading


Partners in Global Growth: Dr. Paul Farmer Visits UVM

Written by Bryce Bludevich ’17
A few weeks ago, on a rainy Vermont afternoon, a man came to Ira Allen chapel to give a talk. He told us this was not going to be a talk about the “four S’s,” the shorthand for an approach he’s developed for his wide-ranging global health work. Instead, he said this was going to be a talk about change. A change in the mindset of those who think about and act on global health issues. The talk became personal for me from the moment it started. I have had the opportunity to travel to Russia and Uganda through the Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine Global Health Program, which has molded my world view and exposed me to the world’s healthcare disparities. Continue reading