“His Kindness is Selfless”: Honoring Outstanding Staff at UVM

Written by Amy Schumer '17 and Diane Jaworski, Ph.D.
It is an honor to be speaking to all of you today about this incredible man, Michael Cross.  I met Mike almost four years ago as a first year medical student.  He has been at the University of Vermont since 1976 working in the role of a custodial maintenance worker.  Currently he is responsible for the care of a space where over 400 hurried medical students trample through daily.  

The Ever-Changing Landscape of Prostate Cancer Screening

Written by Laura Donnelly '18
As a medical student attempting to get involved in research, it can be difficult to know where to start. My undergraduate work was in developmental biology, and while I learned molecular methods and laboratory techniques, I wanted to work on clinically-oriented research in medical school. I did not pursue research during the summer after my first year, but as second year continued, I began to look for a project.

Guest Blog Post: Commencement Guest Speaker Michael Kaplan, M.D.’87

Written by Michael Kaplan, M.D.'87
I want to begin today with the premise that the practice of medicine is changing dramatically. Technological advances / financial considerations, hospital and clinical alliances, and sociological considerations have altered the landscape in fundamental ways since I sat where you do now.  But for all of that, much of what doctors do, have done, and will hopefully always do, remains much the same. We are assigned and assume responsibility for the welfare of our patients.

Guest Blog Post: 2017 Commencement Class Speaker

Written by Dylan Devlin, M.D.'17
I’ve always wanted to speak at a graduation but have always been passed over by some…valedictorian. I was thrilled to accept, but after doing so I realized that speaking at this graduation would be no small task. As members of the Class of 2017 know, we just might be the greatest class to have ever graduated…at any time…in any field…on any planet. I began to crumble under the pressure knowing that if I disappointed my classmates, I would be disappointing all of humanity.

Honoring Our Anatomical Donors through the Convocation of Thanks

Written by Elizabeth McLeod '20
The Larner College of Medicine Class of 2020 recently honored those who have chosen to make the ultimate gift, the gift of anatomical donation, at the annual Convocation of Thanks (COT) ceremony. As a newly minted first year medical student, there was nothing I had anticipated more than learning about the human body first-hand in Gross Anatomy. This course is a revered rite of passage for all medical students.