“Our Calling is to Care for One Another:” Celebrating the Class of 2023

Vinh LeWritten by Vinh Le '23
What a privilege it is today to celebrate a major milestone. We’ve reached the end of our Foundations curriculum, and we’re at last ready to begin the clinical portion of our medical school journey. As we prepare to begin this next stage, let’s take a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come. Over the past 18 months, we as a class have attended hundreds of sessions, conquered 49 TBLs, taken 306 readiness quizzes, and completed 34 major exams. Read more…

A Year in Review: Top Five Blog Posts for 2020

Katie DolbecWritten by UVM Larner College of Medicine
In this year like no other, students, faculty, staff and alums from the University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine were out in the field making a difference. From COVID-19 response to volunteer service to work related to health disparities and social justice, our community has been at the front lines. Throughout 2020, we’ve featured a wide range of voices and perspectives on our College blog. Take a look back at the past year in this collection of the top five blog posts from 2020. Read more…

Designing Your Best Medical School Experience: Part 1

Jhaimy FernandezWritten by Jhaimy Fernandez '21
Hi, I’m Jhaimy Fernandez a fourth-year medical student at the University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine. Like many, my four years in medical school have been the most formative years of my life. Moving to a new (snowy!) environment, adjusting to an active learning curriculum, and balancing the cycle of exams and clerkships — medical school can feel like bootcamp! Read more…

Living with a Fallible Body: A Chronically Ill and Disabled Medical Student Guide

Emerson WheelerWritten by Emerson Wheeler '22, co-founder, Alliance of Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses in Medicine (ADACIM).
I’m embarrassed to be sick.

I’m not supposed to be.

As a future physician, I’m supposed to be a monolith without flaws, without a need for sleep or food. I’m supposed to have an inexhaustible capacity to help others.

Right? Read more…