Beyond the Rainbow Flag: Improving Health Care for Transgender Individuals

Rachel Adelsheim and Brad BlanskyWritten by Rachel Adelsheim '23 and Brad Blansky '23
With June and all its rainbow fanfare just behind us, it's essential to remember that healthcare, and in particular LGBTQ+ healthcare, is inherently political. As we are writing this piece, a record number of anti-transgender laws have been enacted across the country, with more bills introduced and awaiting approval in various state legislatures. Read more

Larner Responds: Fourth Year Student Returns to ED as Nurse

Jack DubuqueWritten by Jack Dubuque '21
Before entering medical school, I worked for eight years as a registered nurse in the emergency department at UVM Medical Center, finally hanging up my nursing scrubs at the start of my clerkship year at the Larner College of Medicine. I did not expect to return to my roots, but as the COVID-19 pandemic began to upend the lives of everyone in our community, I started to explore how I could help. Read more...

Larner Responds: An EMT During COVID-19

Nathan Dow '23Written by Nathan Dow '23
Many universities across the country have a student-run emergency medical service, ranging from students first responding on bikes to transporting patients on ambulances. The University of Vermont is a rarity in that it is one of the few universities in the country that fields an undergraduate-run, 911 ambulance operating at the Advanced Life Support (ALS) level. After joining at the beginning of my sophomore year, I was hooked. Read more...