The Postdoc Experience: Forming a Postdoctoral Association at UVM

Written by Nicholas Farina, Ph.D.
Meet your friendly local postdoctoral scholars, or postdocs for short. We are from around the world and joined the University of Vermont community to live in the beautiful state of Vermont. We have doctorates in diverse fields and are continuing our mentored training while gaining new experiences and acquiring the required skills to transition to an independent and permanent position. There are almost 80 of us scattered around campus.

Becoming a Better Teacher: My Year as a Simulation Fellow

Written by D. George Ormond, M.D., surgery resident at Danbury Hospital
After two years of surgical residency, I knew I had to become a better teacher. The title “doctor” originates via old French from the Latin, docere, meaning “teach,” and my instructor responsibilities were ever increasing. Also, as my seniority within the residency grew, I would be responsible for developing and implementing a resident learning curriculum, and the recent designation of Western Connecticut Health Network as a branch campus of the University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine ensures a steady supply of young, intelligent minds to mold.

A Bridge Connecting Two Beautiful Islands

Written by Majid Sadigh, M.D., Trefz Family Endowed Chair of Global Health
Forming and sustaining equitable partnerships with international colleagues is a challenging endeavor. It requires passion, leadership, transparency, cultural sensitivity, friendship, and endurance. All the time and effort spent is an investment toward something valuable, and mistakes and miscommunication are unavoidable. Pain is an inherent part of any growth process.

Guest Blog Post: Commencement Guest Speaker Michael Kaplan, M.D.’87

Written by Michael Kaplan, M.D.'87
I want to begin today with the premise that the practice of medicine is changing dramatically. Technological advances / financial considerations, hospital and clinical alliances, and sociological considerations have altered the landscape in fundamental ways since I sat where you do now.  But for all of that, much of what doctors do, have done, and will hopefully always do, remains much the same. We are assigned and assume responsibility for the welfare of our patients.