Bystander or Advocate for Equity and Inclusion—Who Do You Choose to Be?

Diane Magrane, M.D.Written by Diane Magrane, M.D.
Each year, as we pause to celebrate individuals from diverse backgrounds that are underrepresented in our community and especially in our leadership, I am reminded of a great and persistent problem. What is it about the culture of academic medicine, about the culture of Larner College of Medicine, that makes it necessary to reward equity as exemplary practice? Read more

Invigorating and Hopeful: Lessons from a Medical Student’s First Mentor  

Written by Dale Stafford, M.D.'81
In reflecting on the Doctoring in Vermont course, in a few words, I find it refreshing, invigorating and hopeful.  It is such a pleasure spending time with the students who are so eager and excited to see, talk to and touch “real patients” after all the “book” learning they’re doing and have done. 

“Imagine What a Few Hundred Future Doctors Can Do:” Climate Change and Health

Written by Megan Malgeri, M.D.'12
One year ago, more than 100 medical organizations, representing over six million health care professionals in 125 countries signed a global “call to action.” That statement began with the words“Climate change is a global health emergency." The World Health Organization has a list of the top ten threats to global health, and climate change is at the top of the list this year. The message is clear: Climate change poses an alarming threat, and our health is on the line.