Vlog: Asaad Traina ’17 Introduces the UVM College of Medicine Die-In Event

On December 15, 2014 at noon, medical students at the University of Vermont College of Medicine joined the efforts of more than 70 medical schools nationwide that have staged a die-in event in response to the violence and race-related trauma that has occurred in Ferguson, Mo., New York and other communities across the country. In a statement issued December 15, students – who received support from administrators and faculty at the College of Medicine – communicated that the demonstration was organized because “we as medical students feel that this is an important time for medical institutions to respond to the violence and race-related trauma that affect our communities and the patients we serve.” The statement goes on to say: “We must take a stand against the oppression of our black and brown patients, colleagues, friends, and family. By standing together at medical schools nationwide, we hope to demonstrate that the medical student community views racial violence as a public health crisis. We are #whitecoats4blacklives.”

In this video Asaad Traina ’17 introduces the event in the Hoehl Gallery.

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