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Guest Blog Post: 2016 Commencement Class Speaker

Written by Megan Wetzel ’16
An idiom I frequently heard used for motivation during my education was: “The light at the end of the tunnel.” Organic chemistry, medical school applications and interviews, and board exams – I diligently chased that flitting light in the distance. So, imagine my shock and horror when I realized that in medicine there is no real “ending.” Rather, one tunnel promptly leads into the next. Continue reading


To the UVM College of Medicine Class of 2016: What Inspired You to Become a Doctor?

Written by Katia Chavez ’16
Many of us in the University of Vermont College of Medicine Class of 2016 probably still vividly remember applying to medical school. Some of us were afraid to attempt to apply one more time; others were uncertain if mastering a high volume of information was possible. Some were anxious about choosing a demanding specialty, as it could potentially change the dynamics of a peaceful family life. However, the dream that initially inspired us to pursue medicine gave us the strength and confidence necessary to apply and succeed in medical school. Continue reading


Up and Down the East Coast in Seven Clerkship Rotations

Written by Sarah Kelso ’17
A few weeks ago, I finished the last rotation of my third year of medical school. Seven rotations in twelve months is a lot, yet it went by so fast. The University of Vermont College of Medicine sends students to several clinical affiliates for clerkships, which is when we start to delve into clinical medicine, learning procedures and taking care of real patients. The main locations are Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine; Danbury Hospital and Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut; and St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Continue reading


My Interview Day at UVM: How I Survived & Even had Fun

Written by Katelyn Donaldson ’19
Walking into the University of Vermont College of Medicine on a snowy Vermont winter morning as a medical school applicant, I was instantly overwhelmed by the sea of interviewees. I had already been to a number of medical school interviews, but none of them had as many applicants. Everyone I met during the pre-interview day breakfast seemed so friendly and impressive. How was I ever going to stand out? Continue reading

Student Life

Supporting Cancer Rehabilitation through Running the Vermont City Marathon

Written by Nicole Leonard ’19
Physical activity has always been a huge part of my life, and it is actually one of the things that motivated me to pursue medical school. I want to give people who are currently unable the chance to be active so that they can enjoy the outdoors, see the world, and lead themselves to a healthier life. Now as a member of the UVM College of Medicine running team, I’ve found a group that helps me stay active while also helping others increase their physical fitness and overall well-being. Continue reading