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Getting Started in Medical School with Help from a Big Sib

Written by Eric Schmidt ’18
The Big Sib / Little Sib Mentorship Program at the University of Vermont College of Medicine provides a great networking tool for first-year students to make them feel comfortable, situated, and well-supported by the second year medical students. Ensuring everyone has that special connection with someone was what drove me to head the Matching Committee this year, pairing our newest medical students in the Class of 2019 with their own Big Sibs from my class year. Continue reading


The Heart Attack in My Brain

Written by Anonymous
“You work here?!” I nodded, a hint of a smile revealing my bemusement at his incredulity. “Well… probably not after this.” The other patients in the psych waiting area of the ER nodded in agreement. In my newly issued brown scrubs, stripped of my belongings, I was no longer a research coordinator at a top hospital, but rather one of them. And sadly, they believed being one of them meant you couldn’t be much else. I didn’t add that I was going to be a doctor, but in hindsight I wish I had. Continue reading

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Transferring & Translating Your Skills as a Ph.D. Scientist

Written by Neuroscience Graduate Student Stephanie Spohn
In today’s job market, many new Ph.Ds will have to find ways to communicate how their training and skills are obviously transferable to other types of work. The following are Nina’s “five skills that serve you outside the lab,” a list of things you probably have down pat if you’re in science, and “four more skills you can get,” a list of skills that you may not have yet, but you can certainly seek out. Continue reading

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Pride in Vermont: Everybody Loves a Parade

Written by Tiffany Delaney, UVM College of Medicine Director of Diversity and Inclusion
“Everybody loves a parade.” I am certainly no exception to that old adage, and this past Sunday, September 12, I participated in the annual Pride Parade, hosted by the Pride Center of Vermont in downtown Burlington. This is my third year representing the University of Vermont College of Medicine Office of Diversity & Inclusion. Continue reading

Student Life

“This is Important, and I’d Like to Tell You Why:” Med Students & Advocacy

Written by Brian Till ’17
During the debate leading up to the vote, more than 100 students from the University of Vermont College of Medicine signed onto an opinion piece, published by Vermont Digger, advocating for a repeal of the philosophical exemption. Students and faculty also called legislators to discuss the issue and attended the final vote in Montpelier. Brian Till ’17, who organized the letter writing, answers some questions about how he became involved in the issue, and what he and his peers learned through their lobbying efforts. Continue reading

Student Life

Finding a Balance: Reflections on the First Year of Medical School

Written by Maggie Graham ’18
It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since starting medical school. Seeing all of the new faces of the first year students on campus takes me back to what it felt like to start this journey, and how that has changed in one year. Only a few weeks before beginning medical school, I had moved with my family (wife and three kids) from Iowa to Vermont. We were in the midst of adjusting to a new city, new house, new elementary school, and new daily life. Continue reading

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From Food Systems to Medicine, Class of 2019 Student Finds Her Calling

Written by Meredith King
Meg Klepack’s path to medical school might have seemed obvious. The daughter of a family doctor and a former nurse, coming from a long line of physicians on her mother’s side, Klepack seemed destined for medicine. But she never saw herself as a doctor, in part because she admired her father so much. “He’s up on a pedestal in my mind,” she says. Instead, after graduating from Cornell with a degree in natural resource management in 2004, she followed her interest in politics and the environment. It took nine years for her to end up right back where she started: surrounded by doctors and nurses. In January 2013, she began the University of Vermont’s Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program. Continue reading