Invigorating and Hopeful: Lessons from a Medical Student’s First Mentor  

Written by Dale Stafford, M.D.'81
In reflecting on the Doctoring in Vermont course, in a few words, I find it refreshing, invigorating and hopeful.  It is such a pleasure spending time with the students who are so eager and excited to see, talk to and touch “real patients” after all the “book” learning they’re doing and have done. 

The Aftermath of Hurricane Dorian: Emergency Care in the Bahamas

Written by Ashton Pike '21
In early September, while I was in West Palm Beach, Florida, for my obstetrics/gynecology clerkship at St. Mary’s Medical Center, I prepared for Hurricane Dorian barreling towards us. Since it was my first storm, I made certain to take the precautions. I stocked up on water, canned foods, and even holed up in the medical center for a few nights. In the end, the storm ended up moving northeast of Florida’s coasts and missed my city.