Representation Matters in Medicine

Written by Jose Calderon '22
In my senior year at the University of Southern California (USC), I volunteered to teach fifth and eighth grade students the basics of human anatomy and physiology. Located in South Central Los Angeles, the elementary/middle school was predominantly black and Hispanic, with most if not all students coming from low-income households. The kids surprised me every session with their brilliance and curiosity on these science topics. Read more...

Invigorating and Hopeful: Lessons from a Medical Student’s First Mentor  

Written by Dale Stafford, M.D.'81
In reflecting on the Doctoring in Vermont course, in a few words, I find it refreshing, invigorating and hopeful.  It is such a pleasure spending time with the students who are so eager and excited to see, talk to and touch “real patients” after all the “book” learning they’re doing and have done.