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Mindfulness in Medical School: Living Fuller and More Present Lives

Written by Stephanie Kulaga ’19
It’s a Tuesday afternoon and a smattering of students sit in a silent classroom. Their heads are bowed downward, and the only sounds heard are the white noise from a fan humming in the distance and the occasional shuffle of someone shifting in their seat. At first blush, the scene painted looks a lot like team-based learning, when students study a topic on their own, and then work together to come up with solutions to a presented problem. Continue reading


Trapped Amongst the Tides: Increasing Access to the Ulysses Clause in Vermont

Written by Ryan Landvater ’19 and Julia McGinty ’19
The “Ulysses Clause,” the more colloquial term used for psychiatric advanced directives, is a surprisingly accurate description of the legislative document – just not in the way it was intended. Overtly, the allusion describes what the clause does and why it should be used, by referencing a story from the classic Greek text, the Odyssey. That said, there are subtler and more insidious implications drawn from an analogy between a Greek king, marooned at sea for a decade and leaving his family and life in a state of limbo, and our patients suffering from mental illness. Continue reading


Studying the Human Heart as a Summer Research Fellow

Written by Anita Li ’19
This is the fifth and final post in a series of blog posts written by UVM College of Medicine 2016 Summer Research Fellows.
I spent my “last summer” as a medical student in a research team at the Cardiovascular Research Institute of Vermont. I looked specifically at whether the dimension of the heart can predict how well a patient can exercise, an important question as we continue to learn more about how important physical activity is to health and well-being.
Continue reading

Guest Blog Posts

The Opioid Crisis: How Every Medical Student Can Make a Difference

Written by Molly Markowitz ’18
My hometown is truly a postcard-worthy, seaside village on the coast of Maine. It is perched at the mouth of the Passagassawakeag River which flows into Penobscot Bay. There are old wooden schooners, a white steepled church tourist shops and restaurants which line Main Street, and a small, community hospital. Over the years the hospital was a second home to me as I spent many hours there with one of our beloved, local pediatricians. During my time at the hospital, I witnessed the birth of an epidemic: opioid addiction. Continue reading

Guest Blog Posts

10 Characteristics to Help You Succeed in Medical School

Written by Cary Jewkes, director of medical student admissions at the University of Vermont College of Medicine
You’ve been working for a long time—years and years—to get to this point. It’s easy to get lost in the tangle of medical school applications and expectations, and trying to figure out an answer to the question, “What do they want?” But before you go any further, take a moment—breathe—and think about something else for a few minutes. Continue reading