Beyond the Rainbow Flag: Improving Health Care for Transgender Individuals

Rachel Adelsheim and Brad BlanskyWritten by Rachel Adelsheim '23 and Brad Blansky '23
With June and all its rainbow fanfare just behind us, it's essential to remember that healthcare, and in particular LGBTQ+ healthcare, is inherently political. As we are writing this piece, a record number of anti-transgender laws have been enacted across the country, with more bills introduced and awaiting approval in various state legislatures. Read more

The Importance of Science Communication

Katharine Beca (Tooke)Written by Katharine Beca (Tooke)
If you think of science communication like a pipeline, there are many ways that information gets lost when going from the lab bench to the public. This seems obvious, especially living through the COVID-19 pandemic - which the World Health Organization has referred to as an “infodemic.” In my opinion, there are three main pitfalls that contribute to leaks in the science communication pipeline. Read more

“Choose to be Part of the Dialogue:” Commencement 2021

Elizabeth LynchWritten by Elizabeth Lynch, M.D.'21
Medical school is a grueling and isolating experience at times, and it can take a mental and physical toll on students. Before I begin, I want to take a moment to remember a peer who is not here. Collins Oguejiofor was in the Class of 2022 and he died almost a year ago. Although he was not in our cohort, his magnanimous personality permeated our student body. Collins was a beautiful soul, and no measurement or epithet could ever encapsulate the value of his life, so I will not attempt to. The world will never be as magnificent without him. Read more

Looking Up, Looking Forward: A Reflection on Ramadan 2021

Mohamad HamzeWritten by Mohamad Hamze '24
Each year, as the Islamic holy month of Ramadan draws to a close, Muslims around the world turn their sights to the moon. In the lunar calendar, a new moon signifies the conclusion of the preceding month and the start of the next, so as the moon wanes in the sky in the last few nights of the month, we often take time to reflect on the month of Ramadan that is passing us by and look ahead to the first day of the month of Shawwal, called Eid al-Fitr. Read more

“A Weight in the Center of my Chest:” Becoming a Better Ally

Sadie CasaleWritten by Sadie Casale '24
I need to preface this blog post with an acknowledgement – I am a fortunate person. Fortunate to have a safe place with my family, fortunate to not know the feeling of a hungry belly at night, and fortunate to not have ever personally experienced se*ual assault. The gravity of that is not lost on me, as women aged 18-24, a group I identify with, are among the most at-risk individuals of this heinous crime.  Read more