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What Color is the Sky? Remarks from Dr. Mandell at the 2016 White Coat Ceremony

Written by Fred Mandell, M.D.’64
When we leave a place like the College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, and look back as alumni, we become keenly aware of the “one of a kind” education we have received. Beyond the tools to practice medicine is what I call “the way.” The way our mentors taught us to listen, to perceive, to think beyond the algorithm. Continue reading


White Coats 4 Black Lives & Eliminating Injustice in the Health Care System

Written by Desiree DiBella ’19
The importance of eliminating race-based medicine and living in “two Americas” is clear. We cannot strive to end unjust policing policies without also seeking to end the injustice within the healthcare system. Americans of color in 2016 still face higher rates of mortality and worse health outcomes in comparison to their white counterparts. The institutionalized racism at the root of the violence experienced by people of color across our nation is the same racism that drives health inequity. Continue reading


The Rainbow White Coat in Burlington’s Pride Parade

Written by Eli Goldberg ’20
In most places, Pride season is June, but – in this, as in so many other things – Vermont is a little different. We celebrate Pride on a crisp September Sunday, classic late summer on the brink of fall. I’ve watched the parade several times, but marched it in only once, as a senior in high school who had just barely come out. This year, a decade later, I was elated to be marching with the Larner College of Medicine as a first-year medical student. Continue reading


Transforming Medical Education: The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont

Written by Soraiya Thura ’18
Dr. Robert Larner has had a long history of being committed to the University of Vermont. What has set him apart as a philanthropist is his desire to plant a seed that will continue to grow, and to provide a foundation for a sustainable path of change for medical education. His latest gift to our medical school is absolutely transformational. Continue reading

Student Life

Mindfulness in Medical School: Living Fuller and More Present Lives

Written by Stephanie Kulaga ’19
It’s a Tuesday afternoon and a smattering of students sit in a silent classroom. Their heads are bowed downward, and the only sounds heard are the white noise from a fan humming in the distance and the occasional shuffle of someone shifting in their seat. At first blush, the scene painted looks a lot like team-based learning, when students study a topic on their own, and then work together to come up with solutions to a presented problem. Continue reading