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Summer Research at the UVM College of Medicine: Exploring Opioid Addiction

Written by Emily Forbes-Mobus ’18
After finishing my first year at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, I had the chance to go back to my hometown of Springfield, Vermont, to help with a public health problem that has had a devastating effect on many of the families I grew up with: Opioid addiction. Through a summer research project with the Southern Vermont Area Health Education Center (SVAHEC), I spent a couple of weeks talking to patients seeking treatment, exploring what about the current treatment model is working and what additional resources could be useful. Continue reading


Three Days Exploring Aerospace Medicine with NASA

Written by Theo Cisu ’18
Who takes care of the astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS)? What are the most common health issues that astronauts face day-to-day aboard the ISS? These are some of the questions that four medical students representing the Aerospace Medicine Student Interest Group (SIG) got to explore in-depth in a recent visit to NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Generous funding from the Vermont Space Grant Consortium enabled me and three other second-year medical students to participate in a two-day private tour and lecture series at Johnson Space Center and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI).
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Avoiding Financial Aid Scams – A Message from Student Financial Services

Written by Kari Brayden, Medical Student Financial Services Coordinator
Most medical students at the University of Vermont College of Medicine rely on various financial aid programs to make their medical degree a reality. “Financial aid” encompasses many programs – grants, scholarships, and education loans. Currently, nationwide student debt collectively totals over one trillion dollars, so it’s no secret there is a lot of funding for higher education! Scams involving financial aid are therefore a reality. Learn how to protect yourself with some of these quick tips from Student Financial Services. Continue reading

Global Health

A Cracked Door: Global Health Rotation at Cho Ray Hospital

Written by Saraga Reddy ’18
Let me preface this post with noting that Cho Ray hospital delivers a very high standard of care to its patients despite somewhat limited resources. The doctors and medical students in the Pulmonary department have taught and challenged us with a generosity that overwhelms me. And every upsetting moment that has caught me off guard, whether inside the hospital or outside, has been balanced two fold with a moment of kindness or humor. Continue reading

Guest Blog Posts

Providing a Safe Space for All Patients

Written by Michael Upton, M.D. ’94
Physicians have the opportunity – and the responsibility – to provide LGBTQ+ patients a safe space to disclose and discuss their sexuality. As physicians, we can and should be thoughtful about the meaning of a patient disclosing that information. The “coming out” may take the form of a check box on a questionnaire, with that information having little to no relevance to the patient’s reason for being in the office or the hospital. Conversely, a physician may find themselves in the important position of being the first trusted person with whom the patient shares this information. Continue reading


Comfort Always: My First Experience with Life at the End and the Care that Accompanies It

Written by Alison Mercier ’18
One foot after another Harriet jerked her walker forward, apathetically moving towards her destination: The doctor’s office. At 79 years-old, her skin draped over her bones, and her muscles heaved as she struggled to breathe with each step. After smoking about two packs per day for 40 years, it was a miracle Harriet was alive to experience the crisp air on this early fall day. Continue reading

Student Life

Getting Started in Medical School with Help from a Big Sib

Written by Eric Schmidt ’18
The Big Sib / Little Sib Mentorship Program at the University of Vermont College of Medicine provides a great networking tool for first-year students to make them feel comfortable, situated, and well-supported by the second year medical students. Ensuring everyone has that special connection with someone was what drove me to head the Matching Committee this year, pairing our newest medical students in the Class of 2019 with their own Big Sibs from my class year. Continue reading