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Diary of a Fourth-Year Student: Pediatric Rehabilitation in Oakland, Calif.

Written by Kathryn Schlosser ’15
I am not a pediatrician. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against pediatricians. Some of my best friends are pediatricians. I love kids and I do fine on pediatric rotations. But by week two of the pediatric rehabilitation elective at Children’s Hospital of Oakland, I missed the straightforwardness of a surgical elective, when someone would hand me a retractor and tell me to hold still. The extensive conversations about our pediatric patients – what they felt, why they felt it, and how they expressed their suffering – at first seemed irrelevant to the pressing medical issues at hand. But as I began to contribute knowledge of my own patients to these conversations, I grew to embrace this explicit discussion of my patients’ emotional needs as essential to their recovery, and found myself applying this awareness to adults. Continue reading


Match Day: A Freshly Minted Fourth-Year’s Perspective

Written by Matthew Cheng-Chun Lin ’16
Prior to medical school, the word ‘match’ had little meaning to me. I sometimes ‘matched’ pairs of socks after doing my laundry, but that was mostly about it. Now, after experiencing UVM Match Day for the third consecutive year, the term has taken on a whole new meaning. For me – and likely many other members of my class – it is a word that has become so simultaneously loaded with feelings of promise and heartbreak, anxiety and relief, that I will almost certainly never be able to look at my socks the same way again. Continue reading

Global Health

Studying Pathology in Uganda

Written by Ian McDaniels ’16
I arrived in Kampala, Uganda, at 11 p.m. last Tuesday night after departing from Hanover, N.H., at 6:30 a.m. on Monday. It’s amazing how a few hours in time difference and multiple layovers will evaporate days. My travels were smooth, except for trying to navigate the NYC subway system with two massive suitcases, as well as two smaller bags. After the embarrassing and frustrating experience of getting stuck in a malicious turnstile (whose grasp I required assistance freeing myself from), I gave up and took a taxi to the airport. Continue reading

Student Life

Providing COMFORT to Families of Children with Special Needs

Written by Tamar Goldberg ’15, Sarah Kelso ’17 & Tracey DaFonte ’17
For parents of children with special needs, the physical, emotional, and financial demands can sometimes be overwhelming. COMFORT (College of Medicine Friends Offer Respite Time) is a program run by medical students and undergrads at the University of Vermont through which student volunteers spend a few hours each week with a child with special needs. Continue reading

Global Health / Guest Blog Posts

A Sense of Dignity for All Patients: Palliative Care in Uganda

Written by Kuang-Ning “Annie” Huang, M.D. ’14
Uganda is currently one of three African countries (including South Africa and Tanzania) to have palliative care formally integrated into its healthcare policies. The idea of hospice and palliation is relatively new worldwide, with it only becoming an officially recognized specialty in the 1980s. The first hospice in Uganda was started in the 1990s (following Tanzania and Kenya) and has since seen impressive growth around the country and increased integration into healthcare delivery. The Palliative Care Unit at Mulago was started six years ago, and has made impressive strides for a relatively unknown and new specialty. Continue reading


A Wild Ride: The Journey to Match Day 2015

Written by Sarah Gardner ’15
There is a folder with my name on it. This means I made it to the right city on the right day and they actually were expecting me to come. PHEW. During interview season for residency the actual interviews are probably the least stressful part of the process. First, when we try to submit our ERAS application, the entire program happens to crash and shut down for the 48 hours when we are supposed to hand it in. After that, we all neurotically refresh our e-mails waiting for interview invites. Continue reading

Student Life

Pitching in for the Community & Making the Most of the Winter: Mardi Gras in Burlington

Written by Theo Cisu ’18
Most of us non-Vermonters have been challenged to adjust to bitter wind chills and sub-zero temperatures these past few months. During that sometimes grueling process we have learned one thing: Burlington residents know how to make the most of the snow and the cold! The annual Mardi Gras Festival, sponsored by a local brewery called Magic Hat and a plethora of small businesses, is a prime example. Held in downtown Burlington, this year was the 20th annual edition, and the first that benefited the Vermont Food Bank. Continue reading