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From Food Systems to Medicine, Class of 2019 Student Finds Her Calling

Written by Meredith King
Meg Klepack’s path to medical school might have seemed obvious. The daughter of a family doctor and a former nurse, coming from a long line of physicians on her mother’s side, Klepack seemed destined for medicine. But she never saw herself as a doctor, in part because she admired her father so much. “He’s up on a pedestal in my mind,” she says. Instead, after graduating from Cornell with a degree in natural resource management in 2004, she followed her interest in politics and the environment. It took nine years for her to end up right back where she started: surrounded by doctors and nurses. In January 2013, she began the University of Vermont’s Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program. Continue reading

Guest Blog Posts

What Keeps Me Going on My Longest Nights as a Resident: Medicine as Public Service

Written by Jessica Chao, M.D.’12
My four years of medical school were some of the best years of my life. I adored my friends and classmates; I fell in love with the state of Vermont, and I learned all the neuroscience I could ask for. There were endless opportunities to explore our interests both within and outside of medicine. We dedicated hours to memorizing the brachial plexus and to bettering our understanding of renal physiology, and after each exam we threw some unforgettable parties. Continue reading

Global Health

Transforming How We Think About Global Health Education

Written by Stefan Wheat ’18
I sat in the clinic working on the multiplication table problems my mom had assigned me earlier that morning. Working next to the patients waiting to see my parents, I tried not to let myself become distracted by the elderly Nepali women who liked running their grubby old fingers through my blonde hair. When it was a busy day in the clinic and we had to stay late, my dad would give me a writing assignment to pass the time. People would walk for days to visit the clinic my parents ran in Bandipur, in the foothills of the Himalaya. They were the only physicians for nearly a 50 mile radius, so I tended to get a lot of writing assignments. Continue reading


Expectations: When Physicians Don’t Have the Answers

Written by Cordelia Ross ’16
Upon my arrival to the X Institute* to begin my month-long Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics rotation, I had a number of expectations. I expected to see a variety of rare neurodevelopmental conditions, diseases that I had only read about in textbooks. I expected to meet specialists from all over the country who had come here to pursue research and clinical work at arguably the finest institution to do so. I expected to become immersed in a fascinating, multidisciplinary field, and have the opportunity to witness expert clinicians and scientists engage with patients from all walks of life. Continue reading

Student Life

Medical Reunion 2015 Through the Eyes of a First-Year Student

Written by Catherine Hayes ’18
Medical school reunion isn’t a likely topic for a blog post by a medical student. But in June, as the end of my first year came to a close, I was able to serve as a student volunteer for the University of Vermont College of Medicine reunion. Having only been to my fifth high school reunion thus far, I did not know what to expect, but I was excited to spend time with alumni and hear about their experiences at UVM. Continue reading


Medical School and the Residency Match: A Post-Match Debrief from Recent Matchers

Written by Michal Ursiny ’15
After experiencing the Match process and coming out the other side with successful matches at prestigious institutions across the U.S., a cohort of recent graduates of the University of Vermont College of Medicine were co-authors of a book for other medical and pre-medical students. Titled “Medical School and the Residency Match: A Post-Match Debrief from Recent Matchers,” it draws from their experiences and answers questions about everything from interview dinner etiquette to travel logistics to some strategies for fourth-year away rotations. Continue reading


Interview Day from the Other Side of the Table: What I Learned from Prospective Med Students

Written by Sabrina Bedell ’16
This year, I had the opportunity to interview prospective medical students when they visit the University of Vermont College of Medicine for the ever-important “Interview Day.” As a third-year medical student on a team of faculty, staff and students who conducted what are called Multiple Mini Interviews – a new format that allows applicants to meet with different interviewers, spending seven minutes at a time with each person – I learned a great deal about the interview process, and even more about myself. Continue reading