Scrubs Addressing the Firearm Epidemic: Speaking Up for Public Health

Written by Rose Martin '22
Andrew Black was a talented athlete and young brewer raised in Essex, Vermont. Late last year, at the age of 23, Andrew died by firearm suicide. Andrew’s death came without warning: he purchased a gun just a few hours before his death. Now, his parents share his story to advocate for a waiting period for firearm purchases in an effort to lower the likelihood of impulsive acts of firearm violence.

Building a Community through Professionalism at the Larner College of Medicine

Written by UVM Larner College of Medicine Professor & Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Debra G.B. Leonard, M.D., Ph.D.
When our new Dean, Dr. Rick Page, arrived in October 2018, he pledged to listen and learn. But one thing needed to be done immediately: He wanted the Larner College of Medicine to develop a Professionalism Statement that would be featured in every offer and acceptance letter, ensuring everyone was aware of the expectations and aspirations for creating a welcoming and supportive environment in which to work and learn.

From Mental Health Treatment to Melanoma Risk: Student Research

Featuring Marie Kenney '19, Cori Polonski '19, Michael Chmielewski '21 and Jason UnChan Pyon '19
The University of Vermont celebrates student research in all areas of inquiry through the annual Student Research Conference. Held this year on April 17, student researchers from across the university hosted oral and poster presentations during the day-long event at the Davis Center. The Larner College of Medicine was well-presented by students who have led research and published findings in a range of fields. Learn more about some of their projects...

The Power of Being Present

Written by Rosie Friedman '22
Mr. B wore an oversized shirt that read “Dad knows a lot but Grandpa knows everything.”  When I first sat down across from him, he began telling me about his cancer. He bluntly described his situation without any sugar-coating in an “I’ve got a few weeks left until I kick the bucket” kind of way. In the middle of his story, he paused and asked me what he was supposed to be talking about in our hour together.