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Vlog: Asaad Traina ’17 Introduces the UVM College of Medicine Die-In Event

On December 15, 2014 at noon, medical students at the University of Vermont College of Medicine joined the efforts of more than 70 medical schools nationwide that have staged a die-in event in response to the violence and race-related trauma that has occurred in Ferguson, Mo., New York and other communities across the country. Continue reading


Diary of a Fourth Year Med Student: Orthopedic Trauma Surgery on the West Coast

Written by Kathryn Schlosser ’15
“Katie, If you go into surgery, you’re going to miss patients.” It was three in the morning in the ED; the resident was feeling the strain of a 24 hour trauma call, and I was loving it… This was my last call night at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. I had driven across the United States for a series of electives on the West Coast, starting with an orthopedic trauma elective with University of Washington. Continue reading

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Vermont’s AMA Student Delegation Co-Authors National Resolution on Healthcare Reform

Written by Alissa Correll ’17
“Hey Vermont! What do you have to say about this?!” “Doesn’t Vermont get Canadian health care?” “I didn’t know anyone actually lived up there…how do you like the socialism?” Maybe it was the nametags announcing our origin, or maybe it was the glazed look in our eyes as we wandered into the warm Texas climate, but as Vermonters at the American Medical Association Interim Meeting in Dallas this past November, my colleagues and I got a lot of attention and even more interesting questions from our fellow attendees. Continue reading

Guest Blog Posts

On Surviving as an Intern: Five Truths to Remember

Written by Vanessa (Patten) Galli, M.D. ’14
I admittedly spent a good portion of the fourth year of medical school dreading internship. A year where I was expected to suddenly be a doctor and to have all the answers. A year where I would work long hours and carry several pagers at one time. I come to you in blog form to inform you of some of the truths about internship. I have been an intern in Family Medicine at the University of Utah for six months now. Continue reading


A Donation of Life from Alaska

Written by Marissa Mendez ’15
About two weeks into my transplant surgery rotation in Seattle, I boarded a small jet plane and took off to Alaska to retrieve kidneys for an organ donation. I was elated. Having the opportunity to do this was one of the reasons I wanted to do this rotation at the University of Washington. We were told late the day before that a young man had passed away in Alaska and his family had agreed upon organ donation. Continue reading


Health Literacy & Latino Migrant Dairy Farmworkers in Vermont

Written by Jessica Huang ’17
While eating your breakfast this morning – maybe pouring milk into your cereal or coffee – did you stop to think about how it got to your table? Did you know that there is a hidden community of 1,500-3,000 Latino migrant farmworkers within Vermont working 50-80 hours a week, contributing more than 50 percent of the dairy production to support the state’s economy? Given the rural environment they live in, the sparse Spanish-speaking providers available, and their limited understanding of the U.S. healthcare system, these farmworkers face many structural, cultural, and linguistic barriers when accessing health services in Vermont. Continue reading