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How to Appreciate Good Health Without Taking Ill

Written by Matthew MacKinnon ’15
When I was seven days old my parents had to bring me back to the hospital. I was listless and my breathing was shallow. Over the next few days I continued to deteriorate. After a prolonged investigation, the doctors were left with a mountain of negative test results and no ideas as to what was making me sick. The decision was made to conduct exploratory surgery if I didn’t turn the corner by nightfall. (This blog post was republished with permission from the author. It first appeared on MacKinnon’s Mindfulness, M.D. blog in May of 2014.) Continue reading

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Studying for Step 1: Yoga as Meditation & Study Tool

Written by Janel Feliz Martir ’16
As I studied for my boards, I devised ways to assimilate my study into my daily life. After all, this is the ultimate act of integration – allowing the material to find use in my daily experience. The most unique and engaging expression of this integration of medical knowledge into my life manifested in the form of my daily yoga practice. During my boards study, I enrolled in a Jivamukti yoga class in New York City. Initially, I came into Jivamukti with the intent of assuaging the anxieties and stress of board prep. I soon realized that my yoga practice could also serve as a vehicle for my boards review. Continue reading


The Value of Happiness: Lessons from Medical Reunion 2014

Written by Samy Ramadan ’17
We recently completed our last Neural Science exam, which marks the end of our first year of medical school. This brings us one step closer to graduation and to joining the wonderful group of alumni that I had the pleasure of meeting. Let’s be honest, I probably won’t retain everything I’ve learned over this past year. I will, however, remember every single interaction that I had during alumni weekend. Continue reading


Carpe Diem: Reflection on Girls’ Science Discovery Day 2014

Written by Alexandra Brown ’17, Melanie Ma ’17, and Rebekah Wieland ’17
On the morning of May 10th, 104 girls from 29 Vermont schools excitedly rushed through the doors of UVM College of Medicine accompanied by their chaperones. After helping themselves to a breakfast of bagels, fruit, and muffins, the girls met peers from across Vermont here for Girls’ Science Discovery Day, an annual event presented by the UVM College of Medicine’s chapter of the American Medical Women’s Association. Continue reading

Guest Blog Posts

Guest Blog: The Class of 2014 Commencement Speech

Written by Chelsea Harris ’14
Chelsea Harris, Class Speaker for the UVM College of Medicine Class of 2014, addressed the crowd gathered in Ira Allen Chapel for Commencement May 18, 2014. She spoke about all of the help and support her class has received from family, friends, classmates, faculty and staff, the humorous and sometimes moving situations they have encountered, and the hope they have in the future. This blog post is her commencement address in its entirety. Continue reading