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Professional Fashion Files

Written by Caitlin McFarland ’16 & Janel Martir ’16
Janel and I differ both in personal style and body shape and we both arrived at Banana Republic with open minds, ready to experiment. We browsed most of the women’s section of the store, gathered items that caught our eye, and finally headed for the dressing room. Here are a few of my suggestions for finding clinic appropriate clothing with style and personality. Continue reading


How I Spent my “Last Free Summer” Doing Research at the College of Medicine

Written by Sarah Kelso ’17
The summer after our first year of medical school is considered our ‘last free summer ever.’ When deciding how to spend it, I already knew what I wanted to do. I had never pursued research before, and I felt like it was this mysterious experience that was missing from my academic career. Continue reading

Student Life

“Getting Rossed:” Easing Med School’s Challenges with Chocolate

Written by Ross Sayadi ’17
On one particularly harsh winter evening, I remember walking down a long hallway in our medical school building and seeing a few of my friends in the library cramming information into their brains prior to our final exam. As I stood there wondering what I could do to brighten their day, and hopefully give them a surge of energy, a decent idea hit me. Continue reading

Student Life

On Fear, Mountains, Humility, and Starting Medical School

Written by Stefan Wheat ’18
“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear.”
The epigraph above, a Bene Gesserit quote from Frank Herbert’s Dune, resonates for anyone who has applied to medical school. Fear petrifies us, leaving us utterly incapable of demonstrating our potential. I cannot count the number of times that I have been afraid in the process of my pre-medical education. Now I trade my fear of medical school interviews and the MCAT for new sources of dread, both familiar and altogether foreign. These new fears are our reward for entrance into medical school. Hooray! Continue reading

Student Life

Ring of Melodies: Creating an A Capella Choir at the College of Medicine

Written by Abishag Suresh ’17
Although instruments are fantastic, there’s just something about voices. There’s a mesmerizing quality to the intonations of the human vocal cords that inspires camaraderie, dancing inside your spirit and a fulfillment of sorts. Maybe this sounds a bit dramatic, but in all honesty this is how I perceive music and singing in particular. Continue reading


Let’s Intubate!

Written by Janel Feliz Martir ’16
I gripped the curved Macintosh blade tightly in my left hand. I moved the dummy patient’s head into the sniff position (head and neck in gentle extension). The mouth opened, and I easily visualized a perfect Mallampati class I airway (meaning that I can clearly see the dummy patient’s uvula, tonsils and soft palate). I inserted the laryngoscope into the mouth, displacing the right side of the hard plastic tongue, and searched for the epiglottis at the very back of the throat. I saw it! Continue reading