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Leadership & Responsibility: President-Elect for the College of Medicine Student Council

Written by Daniel Haddad ’16
I am incredibly grateful to everyone for having confidence in my ability to uphold the responsibilities of this position and will continue to do my best to remain accessible. I look forward to creating an environment that allows us all to continue to develop our interests, excel with our careers as medical students, and to provide opportunities for us to continue to grow interpersonally. Continue reading

What is the “Mind?” Treatment of Psychiatric & Physical Illness in Children

Written by George “Bud” Vana ’14
The Hasbro Partial Hospitalization Program is a medical-psychiatric program for children and adolescents. Patients there need to have both a chronic medical issue with a diagnosis as well as a psychiatric problem which could benefit from a temporary stay at this integrated program. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect; I didn’t know how the discussions of patients’ multifaceted treatment might go, and I did not know who exactly these patients might be. But many of the patterns in patients who came to the partial hospitalization program made sense. Continue reading

“Think of Horses, Not Zebras:” The Doctoring in Vermont Experience

Written by Kathy Chen ’16
Recent fever, occasional cough and night sweats made me instantaneously think of tuberculosis as it classically presents with these three symptoms. Looking at the patient however, a healthy appearing 16 year old female with no recent travel history, a diagnosis of seasonal allergies with a recent cold was much higher on the differential. It was then that I remembered someone saying to me on my first day of medical school: “When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses not zebras.” Continue reading

Eruptions of Emotion: Reflections on Match Day

Written by Liz Abernathey ’15
March 21st. Match Day for the Class of 2014. It’s hard to believe another Match Day is upon us – and when I say “us,” I mean the Class of 2015. As the day draws nearer, I find myself reflecting a lot on the past several years of our medical education. Perhaps because Match Day is such a recognizable milestone, occurring on the third Thursday in March, it lends itself well to reflection. Continue reading

Match Day 2014: Applying to the Triple Board

Written by George “Bud” Vana ’14
I applied to a weird residency. It is not so much that I am going to be performing strange medical procedures; it’s just that I generally have to take a few moments to explain what my residency program plans mean. I applied to something called the ‘Triple Board,’ as well as combined adult-child psychiatry residency programs. Continue reading

Not Far Enough?

Written by Gabriel Edwards and David Mealiea ’15
The following blog post, titled “Not Far Enough?”, is an opinion piece that first appeared in the Perspectives section of The New Physician . The authors argue that health care for all is an “economic and moral necessity.” Mealiea’s co-author, Gabriel Edwards, is a second-year student at Oregon Health and Science University. Continue reading