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Why I Walk: Supporting Community Health with the American Heart Association Sept. 27

Written by Amanda Peel ’15
The annual Vermont Heart Walk has been particularly rewarding, and it is coming up this year on Saturday, September 27th. I have seen this event grow significantly since I led my first team of medical students and faculty members in 2012, when we braved a mile-long walk in a downpour when it was 50 degrees outside to show our commitment to fighting heart disease and stroke. In 2012, just after the board was founded, 145 walkers raised $60,000, and, only one year later, 500 walkers raised $100,000 to support education, research, and advocacy efforts by the AHA. Continue reading


The Age Old Question: Is this Mistreatment?

Written by Sarah Gardner ’15
I became a famous actor this semester. Well, famous at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, at least. This spring, the College’s Learning Environment and Professionalism (LEAP) Committee worked with faculty in the Psychiatry department to put together a “Medical Student Mistreatment Module” to help raise awareness and educate both students and faculty about this perennial topic of conversation. Continue reading

Global Health

“Medicine, Culture & Humanity”: A Global Health Elective in Kampala, Uganda

Written by Elizabeth Cochrane ’17 & Amy Schumer ’17
We recently returned from six weeks in Kampala, Uganda, shadowing, doing research, and studying tropical diseases at Mulago Hospital and the Uganda Cancer Institute. We lived with a host family outside of the city and commuted to the hospital during the week. On weekends we relaxed in Kampala, explored the country, and traveled to Rwanda for a day. This international health elective, which we completed in between our first and second year of medical school,is offered through the University of Vermont College of Medicine in partnership with the Western Connecticut Health Network and Dr. Majid Sadigh. Continue reading

Student Life

Professional Fashion Files

Written by Caitlin McFarland ’16 & Janel Martir ’16
Janel and I differ both in personal style and body shape and we both arrived at Banana Republic with open minds, ready to experiment. We browsed most of the women’s section of the store, gathered items that caught our eye, and finally headed for the dressing room. Here are a few of my suggestions for finding clinic appropriate clothing with style and personality. Continue reading


How I Spent my “Last Free Summer” Doing Research at the College of Medicine

Written by Sarah Kelso ’17
The summer after our first year of medical school is considered our ‘last free summer ever.’ When deciding how to spend it, I already knew what I wanted to do. I had never pursued research before, and I felt like it was this mysterious experience that was missing from my academic career. Continue reading

Student Life

“Getting Rossed:” Easing Med School’s Challenges with Chocolate

Written by Ross Sayadi ’17
On one particularly harsh winter evening, I remember walking down a long hallway in our medical school building and seeing a few of my friends in the library cramming information into their brains prior to our final exam. As I stood there wondering what I could do to brighten their day, and hopefully give them a surge of energy, a decent idea hit me. Continue reading